Results of Scale Rally at BMAC 14/4/2013

ARF Military  1st  Steve Millar  Hurricane
  2nd                     Byam Wight Gruman Panther F9F
  3rd                       Bob Raadts Pilatus PC9

ARF Civilian                                        
1st   John Armarego Tiger moth
   2nd                   Peter Gowlan Pitts 12
  3rd                       Trevor Watt Ryan
Scratch/Kit Military 1st                     Brian Oakes  Airco DH2
  2nd                Jim Henderson  Auster AOP9
  3rd                    Chris Nugent Mk 14 Spitfire
Scratch/Kit Civilian 1st                    Brian Oakes   Blackburn monoplane
   2nd                         Pat Lynch  Great Lakes Trainer
  3rd               Graham Parkins  Pietenpol Air Camper
Pilots Choice   Brian Oakes   Airco DH2
Most memorable Flight 
  Byam Wight    Gruman Panther F9F

Number of entrants                19
Number of models                  28