Air Safety

Primary responsibility for safety in the air rests with the Australian Government agency Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

CASA's Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1988 (CASR 1988) provide a basis for the safe operation of model aircraft.
See CASR Part 101 - Unmanned aircraft and rocket operations.

The MAAA requires that the operation of model aircraft conforms to the regulations as defined by CASR Part 101.

Noise Pollution

Neighbourhood noise generated by activities such as parties, maintenance work, hobbies, etc is a common cause of noise related complaints. In the Australian Capital Territory, the ACT Government Agency "Environment ACT" has responsibility for regulating activities with noise potential.

For information on the ACT Environment Protection Act 1997 see   Noise in Residential Areas.

The MAAA requires that the operation of model aircraft conforms to local noise ordinances.

Radio Spectrum

Radio spectrum use is regulated by the Australian Government agency Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Historically, Australian radio frequencies in the 27, 29, 36 and 40 MHz bands have been shared for radio control of model planes, boats and cars.

Currently, only selected channels in the 29 and 36 MHz bands are licensed by ACMA for radio control of models.

Model Aircraft
Model Watercraft
Model Landcraft
29 MHz Y Y Y
36 MHz
Odd Channels
Y Y -
36 MHz
Even Channels
Y - -

As indicated by the table, only the Even-numbered Channels
in the 36 Mhz band (36.020,36.040 .. 36.580) are licensed by ACMA
exclusively for radio control of model aircraft.

See Radiocommunications (Radio-controlled Models) Class Licence 2002

MAAA Policies

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